April 2017

Spring is in the air! I’m going for a little visit to St Catharines, ON where I grew up. When I’m back we’ve got space to see what’s been going on and where we want to go from here.

See ya!


April 2017 calendar

And the March goes on…

Hey there,

March has started out as a wintery cold one. There are a lot of things going on at the Youth Center and the Old Firehall Collective. Last night we had our monthly youth meeting during our Jr Supper Club. We got some ideas for the coming months and summer, and we also ate delicious chicken, rice, and Greek, Caesar and fruit salads.

Spring Break is coming up and we’re doing stuff. Take a look at the calendar. When ya’ll go back to school, I’m going to take a much needed vacation to Ontario to visit family and friends for two weeks. The NYC will be closed til April 10th.

Our logo design competition is still going on! Send in those submissions and you could win a $100 Overwaitea gift card!

February Update!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds out there! Otherwise, happy Tuesday! 🙂

There have been some slight changes and updates for February’s schedule. This Friday’s improv and drama games night has been cancelled, but don’t worry, in March we will have another one.

Carlee, a yoga instructor, has agreed to run Yoga4Youth classes, too! So, for February and March there is the opportunity to do yoga EVERY Tuesday, 3:30-4:45 pm. Yoga is for everyone, even if you’ve never done it before. Try it out; I’ll be there 🙂

Also, just a reminder that the deadline for sending me logo submissions is Feb 28th. The prize is 1) pride of your work being our new logo 2) a $100 Overwaitea gift certificate.

Lots of love to you all,


feb vday.png


A Full February!

This month has plenty of things going on at the Nakusp Youth Center (NYC) and at the Old Firehall Collective (OFC). As always, if there isn’t anything that interests you, Rachel would love to hear what you’ve got to say!

The last day of the month is the deadline for submitting your logo design. Now that we are changing into the Nakusp and Area Youth Network (NAYN), we are in need of a new logo. If your design is chosen, it will be used all over the place! That’s pretty cool, eh?Feb calendar update.png


January 2017!

Here we are, January 2017 — can you believe it?! Take a look at what we’ve got planned so far. As always, things can change when youth speak up.



December’s Schedule

The end is near for 2016, and we’ve got some fun things going on for December. See you there!


November 2016


The Youth Center has been up and running at a week-to-week schedule but for November we’ve got our month planned out (although things always happen to change). Everyone 12-18 is welcome to the Youth Center and keep an eye out for other activities going on outside of our little hub. 🙂 -Rachel


Goodbye Skye. Skye, Goodbye

I want to start off this blog post with a thank you to all the youth at the NYC and especially Rachel for making this past summer so, so special. I really enjoyed hanging out with you guys, we had some good times. I look forward to coming to visit during Christmas, so everyone better be there!

The reason I am doing this blog post is to say goodbye, unfortunately. As some of you may or may not know, I am currently writing from Calgary, where I am going to College for Journalism. Calgary is so much bigger than Nakusp, and I miss home already, however for the last 3 days I have been trying to settle into my new life and explore a little.

I hope to see you all very soon, and I will probably stay in touch through Facebook! Again, a big thank you to Justin, Taylor P, Taylor M, Lucy, Mary, Gracie, Xander, Phoenix, Cam M, Jade, Ethan, Taylor S, Emma O, Emma V, and anyone else I missed that has made a huge impact on my last summer before school! Oh yeah, and thanks a million to RACHEL for being a freakin’ extraordinary friend and boss. I will miss the youth center for the next little while, but I hope you know I will be thinking about you! I hope that you can all have an opportunity like I do now, in the future. I am sure that all of you will do amazing things! Follow your dreams! Hahaha, I had to put in something stereotypical.

~Skye ❤

Anime with Amy!

Hey Everyone!

This week we have more exciting events! Especially Anime with Amy! Last week, we went to the Nelson Youth Centre where we discovered that they have an indoor skate park, basketball court and a fabulous art room that we got crazily creative with.

On Monday, the 15th from 5-8 pm we are having a Youth Meeting so you can give us your suggestions for our youth centre. I know I got inspired from the Nelson Youth Centre, so hopefully you did too. We will also talk about fundraising and the September calendar! If you want to be involved with the youth centre, and make it your own “Youth Centre run by Youth” then this is your chance!

On Tuesday the 16th we will host a Ping Pong Tournament, as suggested by Ethan. From 5-8 pm you can come to the Youth Centre to verse your friends, or me or Rachel! Winner will keep the table until they lose.

The next event is the most anticipated date at the Youth Centre by far! Amy Surina will be coming on Wednesday the 17th from 6-9pm to teach us about Anime and how to draw it! She recently went to school in Japan just to be able to do this. So, we have asked someone very qualified to fulfill your anime needs. Wednesday is our Art Night, so come and get creative!

The last night of the week, Thursday the 18th is the weekly Nerd Night. Pam and Jay had Pokemon Go planned, however that is subject to change. So, come to the Youth Centre with an open mind and expecting a good time!

The next weekend we will be closed. So, come back after that on the 22nd for Girls Night! I’ll give you a sneak peek; snacks, dance parties, banana chocolate pops, and possibly studding clothing.

Have a great week everyone!


Field Trips Galore!

Hey Youth 🙂

This week we have a full 6 days planned! Including two field trips, a girls night, a nerd night, and a game night!

Today, Monday the 8th is Girls Night from 5-8 pm. Come to the youth centre to hang out with friends, listen to music and maybe get creative! Girls Night is the perfect opportunity for girls between the ages of 12-18 to gather at the youth centre to meet new people, chat, eat, or make something. We aim to make it about you girls! You get to pick whatever you want to do, sort of like a free-for-all. It should be fun, see you there!

Tuesday, the 9th we will have our second field trip so far this summer! We are going on a hike down the Nakusp Hot Springs trail. We will meet at the youth centre at 2:30pm, and be on our way up the Hot Springs road courtesy of our Van driver, Annette! Then, at the top we will head out down the trail, which should take 2-2 1/2 hours. Speaking from experience, to say the least this trail is beautiful! The forest surrounding has lots of lush vegetation and there are so many amazing things to look at! If you are planning on coming with us you will need to wear comfortable, appropriate shoes and clothes, bring a water bottle, a snack that will give you lots of energy, a sweater or something to keep you warm and a noise maker if you desire to. This trail is easy to medium terrain. So, please be sure to know your limits. I love hiking and I’m very excited for this field trip!

The day after our adventure, Wednesday the 10th is Drop In! From 6-9 pm the youth centre will be open to you guys to come hang out with your friends and possibly get up to some mischief! *Side glance, and a sly grin*

After our mischief is managed, excuse the Harry Potter reference, we will have our weekly Nerd Night on Thursday the 11th! From 6-9 pm Pam and Jay have organized for us a Star Wars D&D Night! Be sure to drop in and check out what’s going on!

As per request of a few youth, we will have a Game Night on Friday, the 12th from 6-9 pm. The games could originate from a video,  a board, or even have a throwback to tag. We have an xbox with a couple of controllers, or feel free to bring your own console. Rachel has recently bought a ton of new video games for the youth centre, so please be sure to thank her for the fun to come! Show up at the youth centre this Friday and you will be guaranteed to have a good time. Who doesn’t like video games?!?

Last but certainly NOT least is our third field trip this summer, second this week. On Saturday the 13th the Nakusp youth centre will be driving down to the Nelson youth centre to clash with their hooligans. The Nelson youth centre is full of activities for everyone! They have an indoor skate park, a recording studio, an indoor basketball court, a dance studio, an art room, possibly a concession, a couple of pool tables, vending machines, and a lounge that you can just chill in if you don’t feel like socializing. Like I said, the Nelson Youth Centre has something for everyone and you will for sure have a good time! Just ask Taylor P and Jade G what they did there last year and they will give you the 411 on all the cool things that are happening. In addition to our exploration of their youth centre, we will have 1 hour of free time when we arrive in Nelson for you to go to the mall, to main street or to grab a bite to eat. If you are bored and fed up with Nakusp, this is a great opportunity to get out of town for an afternoon/evening and make new friends, explore, and become jealous that Nelson youth have such an awesome place to hang out! With a van full of youth, $20 in your pocket and a craving for adventure, what could go wrong!?

Be sure to check out the rest of the August calendar on our facebook page, like and share this blog and get involved with the Nakusp Youth Centre! We are currently looking for volunteers, so if you would like to apply or know someone who would, you can print and fill out this form and bring it into the youth centre to Rachel, the coordinator.13775977_516348051902622_9185267735256565602_n

Hope everyone has a great day, and I’ll see you at the youth centre!