Job Opportunity…

We are looking for someone awesome and fun to take on the Youth Coordinator role with the Nakusp and Area Youth Society. If you know someone suitable, please pass it on for them to apply by FRIDAY, JUNE 1st.

Rachel has decided to take on the Continuing Education (CE) Coordinator role at Selkirk College’s Nakusp and Kaslo learning centres. She is very excited to begin this new adventure and to stay in Nakusp!

Don’t worry, Rachel and Robin will keep facilitating the fabulous ‘Sup Club!. You’re not getting rid of us that easily!

Rachel is confident that this will be a graceful transition as we have secured a few new paid program facilitators for a variety of weekly activities that will continue throughout the summer.

Being in this role and working with youth has made me (Rachel) a better person. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Youth Coordinator 2018

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Skye Says Bye​

This is my last post everyone! I am leaving Nakusp again to go to school in Calgary for a Journalism diploma at SAIT. I won’t be posting on this website anymore, but I’m sure Rachel will keep it running smoothly with her expert touch.

I have really enjoyed being at the youth centre for the past three summers, and I love how easily I was welcomed into the community of youth. You are all my friends, and I will miss you!

I will come back at Christmas to see everyone, I promise. For now, let us reminisce about the summer.

In the Park became a thing, and I had lots of fun with that. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon in the park with awesome people playing frisbee, eating snacks, listening to music and relaxing, and get paid for it?!? No matter who showed up, or what occurred during the day, I always had fun with either Rachel or Robin.

The Nelson trip was an unforgettable one, with a hot and sweaty van full of youth, and a fun day at Lake Side park. I had never been to Lake Side park before, and on other trips to Nelson we just hung out at the youth centre there, however, the idea to go to the beach and make it an “In the Park,” day but only in Nelson, was awesome.

And Supper Club! Even though it has been regularly happening throughout the winter, this summer I went to my first Supper Club. I loved it! You make food, and then eat it, for free! Some of the favourite things among the youth were tacos, chocolate covered strawberries, and nachos.

Art Night with Amy Surina was a hit, and we learned how to draw Chibis. So cute, easy, and fun! It was kind of like an impromptu Girls Night. I don’t usually draw, so that was a great opportunity to see what I can do with some simple direction.

Also writing articles for the Arrow Lakes News was tons of fun, and a great experience for me to gain in writing.

The youth network also added Robin as a full-time events coordinator. His enthusiasm sure brings out the best in everyone! It was a pleasure working with you, and I had a lot of fun. You are the type of person that makes everyone else feel comfortable around you, and you can have a conversation about anything.

I want to thank the youth centre for being kind of like a second home to me over the past three summers, and I will be sure to come back and visit because the friends I made during my time at the youth centre will be cherished by me forever.


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School Is Looming…

This week the Nakusp Youth Network has had several thoughts about the approaching start of the school year. This is the last thing that the youth want to hear, but we all know that summer has to end at some point, right? Or we could just live in a fantasy world where we have constant vacation…

August has definitely been a chill, quiet month for the youth centre. I think that just proves how close school is. Families are squeezing in those last camping trips and youth are squeezing in those last hours of precious sleep.

The youth centre has even opted for a more relaxed, simple schedule. Lots of ‘In the Park’ and ‘SUP Club’ is going on and not very many worries have been stressed.

A couple events other than ‘In the Park’ and ‘SUP Club’ to look out for are the self-esteem work shop hosted by Kiara McLean on Monday the 21st of August, as well as the trip to Whatshan. We have yet to decide which week we will trek to Whatshan, but keep in mind that permission slips will be coming soon!

After those few events, complemented by the ever-present Nerd Night every Thursday at 6 p.m. the summer will come to a close. Youth will have to readjust to a schedule rather than the easy-going times they have every summer, and the youth centre will have a little vacation in order to allow youth to do their adapting.

For the first 2 weeks of September, the youth centre is mulling over a temporary close. This would be the time that Rachel gets a summer vacation, and when the youth are getting used to being busy juggling more than their sleep.

The youth centre suggests that everyone squeeze in their last desired activities for the summer and enjoy the last embers of the summer sun. Eventually, August will disappear just as fast as the other summer months did this year, and everyone will be back in work mode, hopefully.


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August Explained

August is upon us! With August comes a brand new calendar with lots of summer activities suited to what the youth have voiced.
The August calendar includes seven “In the Park” sessions with Rachel, Robin, and Skye on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 1-4pm.
SUP Club will still be at the Old Fire Hall on Thursday’s at 3:30pm, except for during August long weekend. Make a suggestion for what we should create!
Also, check out the new self-esteem workshop: Tools For Teens hosted by Kiara McLean on Monday, August 21st! Do you have any funky ideas about where we should have it?
LOOK OUT for the outing to Whatshan Lake on August 23rd! We could do the obstacle course, go for a hike, SWIM, or rent kayaks and paddle boards! It’s up to the youth. You can get more information from Rachel, Robin, or Skye at the youth centre. Permission slips will be available soon!
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Nelson Adventure!

This week on Wednesday the 26th the Youth Network took a trip to Nelson in our trusty van, Chewy.

The plan was to hang out on Baker Street and see the local farmers market then head down the hill to Chahko Mika Mall and possibly the beach on this hot summer day in July.

The seven youth that we wrangled up didn’t feel up to the adult plan so we hit the food court at the mall and then spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Janice Neufeld, a member of Nakusp and Area Bike Society (NABS), drove the 15 passenger van the whole two hours to Nelson and back. We are very grateful for you Janice; thank you!

In addition to her extraordinary driving, Neufeld has some great persuasive skills with youth. The day started out with Rachel and myself thinking that we would only have 3 youth to go on the trip, and it was a trip that we were going to take nonetheless. By the time 10:30am, our estimated time of departure rolled around, Neufeld was on the phone calling all of her contacts with friends and NABS, she was able to drag on extra four teenagers out of bed to bring them with us.

The day turned out to be fantastic! A trip that could have been in a fairly empty van turned into a fun-packed, enthusiastic, and energized day in the sun. It was no surprise that there were constant requests to stop for chips and road snacks, but once we got to our destination we were all incredibly happy.

After a quick lunch of fast food in the food court, we all piled back into the van for a trip down the road to Lake Side Park. I have been to this park before but I haven’t seen everything. The fresh cut grass right by the concession stand was a perfect spot for us to set up our usual beach toys of badminton nets, soccer balls, kits, and snacks. A short walk to the sand and the lovely, warm water of the Kootenay Lake was refreshing and much needed on the hot day. After a swim and relaxing in the sun, we came to another surprise; the power was out. We heard that it was because someone on the highway had crashed into a power pole and the whole city of Nelson was out. We decided that the fastest, and most reliable way to feed everyone dinner in a situation like this was to go to a grocery store and buy sandwich fixings. 45 minutes later at about 7pm, we were on the road again back to Nakusp with full bellies.

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July Half Gone!

This week marks the half way point in July and I am wondering where it went so fast.

Yesterday, Monday was Girls Night, featuring raspberries from Rachel’s house. Yum!

Tonight, Tuesday will be Yoga4Youth in the park. Come join Rachel and Skye to relax and get our stretch on! Just wear stretchy clothes and bring some water, no need for a mat, because we will do it on the grass. From 7:30- 8:30 in the park gazebo!

On Wednesday our regular In The Park session will happen from 1-4pm. Join us for some fun with snacks, music, water, and badminton! Bring your bathing suit to take a dip at the beach nearby. These sessions always have a big group of people hanging out and having fun in the sun. Frisbee, badminton, and football are the favourite activities so far.

Every Thursday is Supper Club and Nerd Night, so this week is no different! At the Old Fire Hall we will whip up some dinner from 3:30-6, and then head over to the youth centre to hang out or participate in Nerd Night! Check out what game they decide to play this week! *At supper club, you have to participate in making the food or cleaning up in order to be able to eat the deliciousness with us!

Keep an eye out of an article in the Arrow Lakes News next week that will talk about our logo design winner, Micheal! Check us out on Facebook at Nakusp and Area Youth Network – NAYN where you can find the calendar for the rest of July!

P.S. On July 26th the Youth Network has an outing planned to Nelson, we can go to the youth centre in Nelson, hang out at the mall or on Baker Street and maybe go to the farmers market. If you are interested in going, message the Nakusp YC facebook page or come down to the youth centre to ask about permission slips. Also, on July 31st Amy Surina will join us for Art Night at the Youth Centre from 6:30-9pm. She will demonstrate anime and other art forms. Come join some creating!

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What’s Up?

This week the Youth Network will be busy! Yesterday, on Monday we had an amazing acoustic Jam Night in the park with Mike. Thanks to everyone who came and made it musical!

Today, Tuesday is Yoga4Youth in the park from 7:30-8:30. Come join us to get your stretch on! The instructor is Lisa Coleman, an experienced instructor who also works for Halycon Hot Springs. No need for a mat, just bring yourself in some stretchy clothes! I’m so excited to stretch it out tonight!

The original plan for Wednesday on the July calendar will be edited a little bit. We were going to go on a hike up the hot springs trail and have a dip, but the weather is so nice we decided to do something else! Keep an eye out for the green sandwich board in front of the YC which will tell you when we will be in the park for a chill hang out! Music, snacks, and some activities will be set out. Also, we have a brand new banner courtesy of Skye, so if you find yourself bored while out and about in town, look out for big NAYN letters!

Thursday is the usual Supper Club and Nerd Night, but that doesn’t mean they are normal at all. TACO TURSDAY will be the theme for this week’s Supper Club at the Old Fire Hall. Come enjoy some spicy Mexican food with some spicy personalities! Nerd Night is open to all, ages 12-18, and it is in the basement, at the youth centre location from 6-9pm.

Keep yourself updated with the calendars on Facebook at Nakusp and Area Youth Network – NAYN, our website;, and around town. Also, if you want to join the Nakusp Youth Updater chat, send a message on Facebook to Nakusp YC, and we will add you right away. Have a great week and be sure to read next week’s blog post, it will include information on how to sign up to go on a super awesome trip to Nelson with us!

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