This week the Youth Network will be busy! Yesterday, on Monday we had an amazing acoustic Jam Night in the park with Mike. Thanks to everyone who came and made it musical!

Today, Tuesday is Yoga4Youth in the park from 7:30-8:30. Come join us to get your stretch on! The instructor is Lisa Coleman, an experienced instructor who also works for Halycon Hot Springs. No need for a mat, just bring yourself in some stretchy clothes! I’m so excited to stretch it out tonight!

The original plan for Wednesday on the July calendar will be edited a little bit. We were going to go on a hike up the hot springs trail and have a dip, but the weather is so nice we decided to do something else! Keep an eye out for the green sandwich board in front of the YC which will tell you when we will be in the park for a chill hang out! Music, snacks, and some activities will be set out. Also, we have a brand new banner courtesy of Skye, so if you find yourself bored while out and about in town, look out for big NAYN letters!

Thursday is the usual Supper Club and Nerd Night, but that doesn’t mean they are normal at all. TACO TURSDAY will be the theme for this week’s Supper Club at the Old Fire Hall. Come enjoy some spicy Mexican food with some spicy personalities! Nerd Night is open to all, ages 12-18, and it is in the basement, at the youth centre location from 6-9pm.

Keep yourself updated with the calendars on Facebook at Nakusp and Area Youth Network – NAYN, our website;, and around town. Also, if you want to join the Nakusp Youth Updater chat, send a message on Facebook to Nakusp YC, and we will add you right away. Have a great week and be sure to read next week’s blog post, it will include information on how to sign up to go on a super awesome trip to Nelson with us!


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