This week the Nakusp Youth Network has had several thoughts about the approaching start of the school year. This is the last thing that the youth want to hear, but we all know that summer has to end at some point, right? Or we could just live in a fantasy world where we have constant vacation…

August has definitely been a chill, quiet month for the youth centre. I think that just proves how close school is. Families are squeezing in those last camping trips and youth are squeezing in those last hours of precious sleep.

The youth centre has even opted for a more relaxed, simple schedule. Lots of ‘In the Park’ and ‘SUP Club’ is going on and not very many worries have been stressed.

A couple events other than ‘In the Park’ and ‘SUP Club’ to look out for are the self-esteem work shop hosted by Kiara McLean on Monday the 21st of August, as well as the trip to Whatshan. We have yet to decide which week we will trek to Whatshan, but keep in mind that permission slips will be coming soon!

After those few events, complemented by the ever-present Nerd Night every Thursday at 6 p.m. the summer will come to a close. Youth will have to readjust to a schedule rather than the easy-going times they have every summer, and the youth centre will have a little vacation in order to allow youth to do their adapting.

For the first 2 weeks of September, the youth centre is mulling over a temporary close. This would be the time that Rachel gets a summer vacation, and when the youth are getting used to being busy juggling more than their sleep.

The youth centre suggests that everyone squeeze in their last desired activities for the summer and enjoy the last embers of the summer sun. Eventually, August will disappear just as fast as the other summer months did this year, and everyone will be back in work mode, hopefully.



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