This is my last post everyone! I am leaving Nakusp again to go to school in Calgary for a Journalism diploma at SAIT. I won’t be posting on this website anymore, but I’m sure Rachel will keep it running smoothly with her expert touch.

I have really enjoyed being at the youth centre for the past three summers, and I love how easily I was welcomed into the community of youth. You are all my friends, and I will miss you!

I will come back at Christmas to see everyone, I promise. For now, let us reminisce about the summer.

In the Park became a thing, and I had lots of fun with that. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend an afternoon in the park with awesome people playing frisbee, eating snacks, listening to music and relaxing, and get paid for it?!? No matter who showed up, or what occurred during the day, I always had fun with either Rachel or Robin.

The Nelson trip was an unforgettable one, with a hot and sweaty van full of youth, and a fun day at Lake Side park. I had never been to Lake Side park before, and on other trips to Nelson we just hung out at the youth centre there, however, the idea to go to the beach and make it an “In the Park,” day but only in Nelson, was awesome.

And Supper Club! Even though it has been regularly happening throughout the winter, this summer I went to my first Supper Club. I loved it! You make food, and then eat it, for free! Some of the favourite things among the youth were tacos, chocolate covered strawberries, and nachos.

Art Night with Amy Surina was a hit, and we learned how to draw Chibis. So cute, easy, and fun! It was kind of like an impromptu Girls Night. I don’t usually draw, so that was a great opportunity to see what I can do with some simple direction.

Also writing articles for the Arrow Lakes News was tons of fun, and a great experience for me to gain in writing.

The youth network also added Robin as a full-time events coordinator. His enthusiasm sure brings out the best in everyone! It was a pleasure working with you, and I had a lot of fun. You are the type of person that makes everyone else feel comfortable around you, and you can have a conversation about anything.

I want to thank the youth centre for being kind of like a second home to me over the past three summers, and I will be sure to come back and visit because the friends I made during my time at the youth centre will be cherished by me forever.



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