It’s been a while…

Hi NAYN! It’s been a while. Long time no see.

Many businesses and organizations are in the same boat currently. With COVID-19 prevailing and affecting all of our lives drastically, it’s difficult to make any solid plans.

The Nakusp and Area Youth Network has seen this as well. Although youth are in school together, and may see each other in other capacities, it’s been challenging for NAYN to determine if meeting at the youth centre is allowed by our provincial guidelines.

For now, we are hosting some events on a first come, first served basis with field trips, Art Night and the occasional walk in the park as our main programming. What we want to know is what you would like to see! Send us a message at, or keep up to date with events on our Facebook page (Nakusp and Area Youth Network) and Instagram (@nakuspyc). (We post on our social media on a more regular basis).

We would love to hear from you! And make sure not to forget about NAYN, we’ll be back soon with regular summer programming and exciting events!

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