It takes a community to raise a Youth Centre and now a Youth Network. So many people are helping make this project happen — without them, there would be less of everything.

If it weren’t for the Columbia Basin Trust, a lot of this would be a lot later in starting. Since receiving their Community Directed Youth Funds (CDYF) and now the Basin Youth Network (BYN) grant (when combined equals more than $150 000), we have secured a safe youth-focused space, a Youth Coordinator, and some funding for programs, and we can continue to grow and focus on further developing our network.

Special thanks to:

  • Michael Garvey and the crew of youth at PK Nakusp for collecting the pieces that helped us build this fire.
  • Brian and Marilyn Deobald, John Perkins and Trish Huesken, and Jacqui and Neil Sproule were among the first to add fuel for the flames.
  • Kootenay Savings Credit Union staff and head office for sending a year’s worth of Care Wear funds our way!
  • Terry Taylor and Tim Payne for their wise and cautious optimism.
  • Mayor Karen Hamling and RDCK director Paul Peterson for their donations and for using their magic wands to help make good things possible.
  • Village of Nakusp staff who have helped us in so many ways (Anna-Marie, Mike Pedersen, Pat Farish, and those of you who have helped without our knowing it).
  • Che Raso for heroically fixing all the things that need fixing, and for agreeing to use his little truck to move a big pool table.
  • The Friday Night guys who show up and move heavy things.
  • The local businesses who support us in so many quiet and generous ways (wow!).
  • Our excellent neighbours, Kinship Connection Society, Nakusp Library, Freedom Quest Youth Services, and Options for Sexual Health Clinic.
  • Former board members of SAYOPS — thank you for handing us this torch and for helping so much with advice along the way.

Extra-special thanks to Aimee Ambrosone, Lynda Lafleur, Mike Kent, and Michelle d’Entremont at Columbia Basin Trust who have helped us in ways we didn’t even know we needed.

Our biggest thanks are saved for last: to the young people of this town who make our entire future possible. Thank you for hanging out, telling your stories, and adding so much to our community.